Barbers And Beauticians

CareOne is the only specialized services organization to hire licensed barbers and beauticians to work in Community and Institutional Settings. We have been a preferred source vendor for our government service providers for years. We also provide 128 training hours to individuals in facilities necessary to successfully obtain a certificate for barber apprenticeship. We are industry lead with our rigorous screening process, a look back of up to 28 years, including fingerprinting. Rest assured all employees are fully vetted before they step foot within your organization.

CareOne believes  the core values to our success should be built around long lasting relationships, this is why we carefully selects and matches our barbers and beauticians with clients whom are best suited for the population
we intends to serve.

Our Extensive Screening Process paired with our 10 Points Candidate Selection Grading Scale is used to match the best fit for each customer, we focus on experience, consistency, reliability, responsiveness, trust, integrity, respect, facility size, location and quality This allows us to add tremendous value to our high employee retention rate (98% over 5 years).

CareOne takes pride in our ethics, responsiveness and customer care at all levels that matters to our partners, should someone take time off a backup barber or beautician will cover same day or within 24 hrs. to ensure continuity in services without causing any business or program interruptions. This further ensures commitment in service while building long lasing relationships with our customers.

We service the following communities and Institutions:

  • Group Homes
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Veterans Facilities

**We adhere to all Regulatory Standards and Compliance to Ensure Public Health Safety**
All personnel’s are:

    • Trained in Physical Distancing
    • Workplace Activity Violence (PREA Rape Elimination Act)
    • Protective Equipment
    • Hygiene Cleaning and Disinfecting